AIR CRE Expands Contracts To 37 States; All 50 Expected Soon

AIR CRE Contracts continue to gain popularity for a variety of transactions.  They are the most widely-used real estate contracts in California for industrial, office, and retail transactions. AIR CRE has expanded the AIR CRE Contracts beyond California.  The Contracts are now available in 37 states (the list of available states is below).  According to [...]

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Should Brokers Add “Prop. 15 Protection” to LOIs?

Background on Prop. 15: On November 3, 2020, California voters will decide whether to adopt the “Split Roll” Initiative, Prop. 15.  If passed, many commercial and industrial properties would lose “Prop. 13 protection,” and would be re-assessed and taxed based upon market value.  Residential and agricultural properties would notlose “Prop. 13 protection.” Commercial properties can [...]

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